mardi 24 mars 2015

TEDxRoma 2015: super conference on Med's future - With scientists, innovators, artists from both shores

As all eyes are on the Mediterranean region and politicians and the public opinion are wondering about the area's upcoming future, Rome's Teatro Olimpico is gearing up to host the second edition of TEDxRoma, dedicated to the 'Mediterranean carousel'

A Mediterranean sea ancient map

The event is inspired by the famous American TED Talks, high-level conferences that are fast paced, in which no speech exceeds 18 minutes. Speakers addressing the theater from 9 am until 5.30 pm tomorrow hail from both shores of the Mediterranean: Italy, France, Cyprus, Spain, Croatia, Greece, as well as Syria, Lebanon, Algeria, Egypt, Tunisia, Israel and Turkey.

Designers, artists, start-uppers, inventors, entrepreneurs and intellectuals - many under 40 years of age - will share their life and work experiences, dreams for the future and ideas on the potential they see in the region. 

ANSAmed Senior Editor Patrizio Nissirio will be the moderator. This day of reflection and exchanges of opinion on the Mediterranean will focus on three main issues - from tradition to modernity; from static nature to movement; from difference to enrichment - themes that will characterize the three sessions while outlining a Mediterranean that currently appears like both a place of contradictions and potential.

Most of all, the issues selected by the organizers of the event contribute to point out a direction for development towards which the whole region can tend - thanks in particular to brilliant minds and young dreamers.

Source ANSAmed

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