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Call for applications: « Femmes d’Avenir en Méditerranée » training programme - Med Culture

The training programme “Femmes d’Avenir en Méditerranée” developed by Sciences Po has just launched a call for application to its first edition. 

Call for applications: « Femmes d’Avenir en Méditerranée » training programme - Med Culture | Dessine-moi la Méditerranée ! | Scoop.itThe programme aims to boost the professional growth of a group of young women leaders from South Mediterranean countries. Women empowered through the program will become advocates for the advancement and promotion of gender equality in their own countries and professional sectors.

Selected candidates will have access to Sciences Po scientific and academic know-how, through the Research and Academic Program on Gender thinkingPRESAGE, and will be given the chance to meet high level senior figures from the political, arts, culture and business worlds, in addition to other distinguished representatives of the French and European public scene.

The training will include modules on law, leadership, management and gender, and conflict resolution specifically designed for the program.

Eligibility criteria

1. Age between 25 and 35
2. Eligible nationalities:
    - Turk, Moroccan, Tunisian, Algerian, Libyan, Egyptian, Jordanian, Palestinian, Lebanese,       Syrian.
3. Being an agent of change:
    - Entrepreneurs, CEO, COO, founders of ecommerce platforms, start-ups, companies etc.
    - Artists, musicians, dancers, film makers, etc.
    - Researchers,
    - Politicians,
    - Humanitarian or civil/women rights activists
4. Promoting gender equality;
5. Committed to return to their country of origin and utilize their new skills and know-how to 
    spread the culture of equality and fight for gender parity;
6. Communication skills;
7. Fluency in French; English is a plus

Covered costs

The following expenses will be covered by the organisers:
Travel fare for one person (round trip to Paris)
Accommodation and transportation in Paris
Training materials (documentation, articles and papers for the training week)
Travel expenses to Strasbourg
Lunches and accommodation in Strasbourg
Visa fees
Opening and closing dinner


Applying to the Femmes en Méditerranée training programme requires the successful completion of a selective application process.

The deadline for submission is March 12th 2016 at 0:00AM Paris local time

Once your application is complete, it will be submitted to the appropriate jury for consideration. The juries take into account candidates’ backgrounds and demonstrated motivations when making their selections.

Candidates must send an email to this address with the following attachments:

- A COVER LETTER: (PDF format, up to two pages) in which the candidate will indicate the benefits she would acquire from the training and how she would consider applying her new skills in her professional careers.

The email must be sent under the subject “FAM CANDIDATURE 2016”

Caterina Sabbatini-Clec’h, FAM Coordinator, is available for any questions or concerns pertaining to the submission process /Telephone. 0033145495546

For information in French visit

The training program, cofounded by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Social Affairs, Health and Women, and labelled by the Union for the Mediterranean, will contribute to develop a solidarity and mutual support network among participants in order to contribute to the creation of a long-term culture of gender parity.

Every year, a total of 22 women will be selected based on a wide range of criteria, such as early excellence in their professional field or a commitment to promoting equality in their domain of activities.

The second edition will be held in Paris and Strasbourg from May 9th to 20th 2016. Women from the business, arts, culture, research, politics and humanitarian sectors will gather together and benefit from both applied and theoretical support to their careers.

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