mercredi 6 janvier 2016

Smart Blue City - 1st Euro-Mediterranean Conference 2016

Smart Cities Mediterranean Cluster (SMART-MED) - CNE Business Development Ltd, Cyprus that National Technical University, School of Rural and Surveying Engineering, Dept. of Geography and Regional Planning, Greece is co-organizing together with the KIOS Research Center for Intelligent Systems and Networks, University of Cyprus, the 1st Euro-Mediterranean Conference and Exhibition 2016, focusing on “Smart Urban Development and Blue Growth opportunities for cities, communities and islands in the Mediterranean basin”. 

The Conference will take place in Limassol, Cyprus, April 14-16, 2016.

The themes of the conference cover a variety of topics that are at the heart of contemporary discussions on smart cities, reflecting the variety of challenges that are present in an urban context. The aim of the Conference is to bring together academia and industry and present recent scientific knowledge developments and technological products/services to city representatives for serving their efforts to adopt smart solutions for sustainable urban management purposes.

The geographical area of interest of the Conference is the Mediterranean basin, an area of high priority for SMART-MED cluster, but also for the co-organizers of the Conference. This area is hosting a large number of small and medium-sized cities and communities as well as island communities, which are sharing a variety of challenges (climate change, migration, tourism, culture, water scarcity, earthquake risks etc.), while they also have strong historical bonds and close interaction through the centuries within the Mediterranean “oikos” (house).

The Conference aspires to become a first step for a more lasting cooperation among academia, industry and cities on the issues of small and medium-sized Mediterranean cities and their transformation into smart cities, taking steps towards smart tourism, smart culture, smart transport and environment, smart people, smart economy, smart ports, smart risk management etc. directions.

The Euro-Mediterranean Conference and Exhibition, dealing with “Smart Urban Development and Blue Growth opportunities for Cities, Communities and Islands in the Mediterranean Basin”, aims to establish bridges among a variety of actors originating from cities and communities, industry and the scientific world; and act as a platform for face-to-face interaction and networking in support of cities’ efforts to cope with common challenges and opportunities as Mediterranean constellations in the information era. 

More details for the event in the attached flyer, in the event's program, and on the dedicated

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