jeudi 28 mai 2015

Terrorism: Euromed judiciary thinking about coordination

The idea of a coordination between general prosecutors of the Mediterranean region to fight international terrorism was launched today in Palermo during the two-day conference organised by Coppem (Permanent comittee for Euro-Mediterranean partnership on interreligious and intercultural dialogue.

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "Coppem"European, Arab and Israeli judges put together the first building blocks of their juridical cooperation in the Palermo Norman Palace during a session titled "Fight against terrorism: limits and prospects of juridical cooperation". "Terrorism doesn't strike only one Country - reiterated Adly Hussein president of the court of appeal of the Cairo tribunal and first vice-president of Coppem who also moderated the session - but the whole world. In Egypt, we are debating ideas to put in motion mechanisms to confront the phenomenon of international terrorism".

"In the past few days - went on Hussein - the Egyptian General Prosecutor travelled to Rome and met the Anti-Mafia Prosecutor General to talk about this important problem.

The next step will be to draw the necessary legal regulations once the laws applied in different countries of the Euro-Mediterranean region are assessed and agreement is reached on common measures to confront organises crime, the financing of terrorism, money recycling and drug trafficking".

"Following this, the next phase will entail rules regarding the extradition of criminals to their countries of origin and measures to make the sentences of other countries' judicial authorities applicable. It's an ongoing project the one we are working on. Once the items are agreed upon, we will reach the operative phase". The idea of launching a foundation for interreligious dialogue, led by representatives of the three monotheistic religions, to foster cultural and religious projects strenghtening interreligious dialogue has also been promoted during the two-day conference.

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