lundi 18 février 2013

Séte - New terminal Mediterranean fruit

The port of Sète, ideal hub for South-North commerce, strenghtens its strategic position in the Mediterranean with a new fruit terminal created to receive fruit and vegetables produce from all over the world.

The new terminal is linked to a refigerated goods yard located behind it.

This terminal, which has been operative since Septmber 2011, receives pallets unloaded directly from ships and integrated by refeers. It therefore manages to satisfy the requisites in terms of efficency and quality for the handling of perishable goods, all through computers.

Thanks to the priviledged position in Southern Europe, the port of Sète stands out as new entrance on the Mediterranean Coast, half way on the Perpignan - Chateaurenard axes.

Starting from 2016, a second dock 467 metres long with waters 14.5 metres deep will be available to manage all the kinds of container ships, regardless of their load. The development of this dock will proceed along with the installation of two more gantry crane for ships.

With the support of the Linguadoca - Rossiglione council, the port of Sète is becoming a key protagonist concerning imports of perishable goods. International fruit and vegetables operators can now relate on a new partner to satisfy their logistics needs, including door to door service.

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