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ASCAME - 14th Mediterranean Logistics and Transport Summit

      14th Mediterranean Logistics and Transport Summit   
        14th Meda-Logistics ans Transport Forum 2016         
                         9 th Meda Ports Summit                              
Mediterranean Bridges Barcelona, 
7th & 8th of June 2016 

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "L’ASCAME"In the framework of SIL 2016, the Association of the Mediterranean Chambers of Commerce and Industry (ASCAME) and the Consorci de la Zona Franca de Barcelona, in collaboration with the Chamber of Commerce, Industry, Services and Navigation of Barcelona, are organizing the 14th Mediterranean Logistics and Transport Summit. 

The 14 th edition of the Meda Logistics & Transport Summit is a commitment to this industry as a fundamental basis for economic integration, confirming the pioneering vision of the forum, which has provided the sector with a platform for exchange, business cooperation and reflection since 2003. 

Major achievements 
    Sommet Méditerranéen de la Logistique et du Transport 2016 - ASCAME | Dessine-moi la Méditerranée ! |
  • Consolidation of Meda Logistics & Transport Summit as the annual international and Mediterranean platform and permanent reference of the sector.
  • High participation rates, with a total of 8,700 participating companies and 12,900 business contacts throughout 13 years. 
  • Presence of international business leaders and senior executives from the world's leading ports, shippers, cargo owners, shipping lines, freight forwarders, logistics companies, terminal operators, railway operators and port-rail equipment services suppliers.
  • Participation of key international bodies in global Transport & Logistics policies design.
Benefits of attending
  • Learn about current and new project opportunities. 
  • Understand the macroeconomic impact of Logistic and Transport sector. 
  • Discover who are the key clients and contractors working in the Mediterranean countries. 
  • Analyse the amount of investment projects in the market to better prepare your strategy and resources for increasing business in the region. Debates and topics 
  • The importance of the Transport and logistics sector as economic pillars and determining factors for the integration of a single Mediterranean market 
  • An analysis of the different international projects 
  • Logistics, supply chain and the refugees’ crisis in the Mediterranean Sea. 
  • Challenges and developments, the potential for a Mediterranean Intermodal Transport Strategy. 
  • Integration and competition between Transport & Logistics Businesses
  •  From Panama to Suez - Mediterranean and Latin America Transport & Logistic meet 
  • From Dubai to Barcelona - The Mediterranean and Gulf Countries Transport & Logistic meet 
  • From Pekin to Mediterranean region - Chine and the Mediterranean meet
  • New Trends in Mediterranean ports and Shipping Industry 
  • Business Opportunities - Invited Country- Algeria.

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